søndag 24. april 2011


I´ve just been to Madrid! Beautiful city!

mandag 20. desember 2010


Lately I´ve been feeling that we are surrounded by tacky girls calling themselves models, and conveniently forgetting the part "glamour" to their title.
It´s almost an offense to real fashion models that any girl who is willing to take her clothes of in front of a camera can call herself a model after hiring a photographer to shoot her.
And as we are being honest, let´s face it, non of the so-called glamour models (so-called because it´s not glamourous and it´s not modeling) would make it in the fashion world.

I want to honor some of my favorite models, because not only are they doing a fantastic job on the catwalk or in fashion ads, they are doing a great job as fashion ambassadors off stage as well. 
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at a Burberry event 

Erin Wasson for Pinko 

Kate Moss 

fredag 17. september 2010

lørdag 24. juli 2010

Kristian Aadnevik

Give it up for the beautiful and very talented Norwegian designer Kristian Aadnevik!

tirsdag 20. juli 2010

mandag 19. juli 2010

lørdag 17. juli 2010

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Maggie Gyllenhall


In Dries Van Noten

In Louis Vuitton